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Italian Chocolate Artisans serving the Best Hot Chocolate in London!

Our Italian Chocolate Shops & Cafes have been serving customers in London’s West End since 2012. Over the last 10 years, our passionate chocolatiers and pastry chefs have developed all of our recipes in-house, rooted in Italian cultural heritage.

In 2015, we developed the “Triple Chocolate” concept together with special recipes, including the famous Triple Chocolate Mocha and our best-selling Chocolate Cake. These recipes have been a bit hit with our customers and we’re always busy, so book your table now at either our Soho or Fitzrovia branch to avoid the queues! 

Along with chocolate treats we also serve hot drinks, patisserie, Italian food and wine. If you can’t make it to one of our cafes, then check out our delivery service.

Our expertise lies in what we call "homely hospitality" where we invite you to a unique chocolate experience - Italian-style!

Our Chocolate Artisans believe in:

Authenticity: no hidden ingredients in our original recipes and all our chocolate goodies are produced locally. 

Teamwork: a loving dysfunctional family that wants to have fun and share their passion for chocolate

Wisdom: deep knowledge and expertise with a great deal of experience in creating tasty chocolate treats! 

A special thank you to @afnanetoo, who by mentioning us on Instagram in August 2015, gave us visibility in the Middle-East.

Start picking your favourite recipes on Instagram @italianbearchocolate!

See our Cafe Locations and Book a Table

Triple Chocolate white chocolate hot chocolate cup
Triple Chocolate milk chocolate hot chocolate cup
Triple Chocolate dark chocolate hot chocolate cup
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